Friday, June 1, 2012

Pamala Clift on SL Relationships

ISTE SIGVE's social this week was another reading, but this time author Pamala Clift, who researches virtual relationships, read chapter three of her book Virgin's Handbook on Virtual Relationships to us.

When answering questions after her reading, she talked about the two "partnerships" she's had in Second Life. One short and a terrible mistake apparently; the other continues beyond three years and is no secret to her real life spouse nor her partner's real life wife. Interesting.

This is the sort of thing that sways administrators against SL, but it's a choice individuals make to become involved this way. It's not a given. For the most part educators in Second Life are a community of learners who enjoy sharing ideas and experiences while exploring a beautifully rich virtual world together. You are bound to get close to some friends from time to time.

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Roadside Philosopher said...

It all depends in what state of being you reside in your relationships.. Disassociative, Immersive and Augmentative, and no the first relationship was not a mistake just an eye opener into the fact that there ARE more than one perception that is valid in this life.. not just education. It is because I am losing my researchers to the immersion factor that I had to write this book. Not just ignoring the problem but analyzing it.